Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fourth of July

(July 3&4)

July is my favorite month! It is full of parties and excitement, school has been over for sometime and I'm not yet beginning to think about school starting again. July was filled again with many, many activities! So far, I think my favorite was for the fourth of July weekend!
I lived in Naperville for 21 years and went to ribfest every year as far back as I can remember.

Before I continue let me tell you about an activity which I love: festivals, of any sort. Big, small, one street or a whole park; I love them all. I love the excitement, I love the noise, I love the vendors, I love the FOOD! I love those stupid little pamphlets that everyone passes out at them - and yes, I pick up every single one of them.

So, despite the fact that I don't live in Naperville anymore, I still wanted to go and check it out. LeeAnne Rimes was playing on Saturday night, so Keith, myself and another couple headed over in the late afternoon and had a great time!

[I have a thing about thumbs up pictures...
as in I always seem to be taking them]
[earlier in the day I had to go potty,
while Keith was waiting for me he took a picture]

[and I gladly returned the favor :)]

[now that's what I call a love squeeze!]

[the petting zoo - always a favorite]

For the 4th of July fireworks Keith and I decided to do our own thing and go to this small town about 45 minutes from where he lives. They had a cute little fest going on and the fireworks were some of the best I've seen! The seating for the fireworks was in the football field of the school where the fest was taking place. The launching area was so close that you could see the fireworks lined up from the football field where you were sitting!

[again with a "thumbs up" picture!]

[waiting for the fireworks to start!]

What a great long weekend it was :)

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