Sunday, August 22, 2010

BIN 36

This weekend's activity consisted of many activities in downtown Chicago, and for going into the city with no plans I have to say it was another great weekend to add to the scrapbook! While there is lots more to come on the Chicago trip, I wanted to share with you all my favorite part of the weekend there; after navy pier, a walk by the river, and stopping into a few stores, we walked by a wine and cheese bar and decided to stop in - and I am SO glad we did! A place called BIN 36. The second you walk in you're intrigued by everything surrounding you. One thing I always find frustrating me about nice restaurants is that I always feel SO out of place. I love dressing fancy and have no issue doing so, however, when I walk into a restaurant filled with lawyers and millionaires I know I'm out of place when there is still paint under my fingernails from the previous days art project. This place was different; there was a good mix in the atmosphere, a place you could go for a fancy dinner or just a casual glass of wine accompanied by some delicious cheese and servers who know more information about cheese, wine and the combination of the two than I will ever retain!
[Drink wine, live well, have fun - what a fantastic life saying!]

When we walked into BIN 36, we sat down at the cheese bar - they had a regular bar, an eat-in dining area, an area that appeared to be for parties, as well as a retail shop. If you've never been to a cheese and wine bar, or know nothing about cheese, wine or the pairing of the two, I strongly recommend sitting at the cheese bar!

The way the menu is set up is really fun it matches food and wines by using the BIN number on the wine. There is also a way to test four different types of cheeses and four different types of wines by choosing a flight which hosts a variety of each item. There is also a BIN 36 flight where the chef chooses six different cheeses for you to try and it changes each night! Our first flight of cheese and wine was the chef's choice and Express Yourself Flight of wine. I'm a much bigger fan of white wine than I am of red, which is why for our first wine flight we chose a white flight.

[it comes out so pretty!]

It was quite the experience; that last piece on the right there is blue cheese (yuck!) but after the cheese chef telling us his story of learning to like bleu cheese, giving us a different type of bleu cheese and a good wine to pair it with I became a believer in the pairing of cheese and wine to make each one taste it's absolute best! Again, this is a reason I would recommend sitting at the bar area -- the chef was prepping everything right there and was extremely knowledgable on what he was talking about and willing to share with you what he knew about cutting the cheese (haha I couldn't resist!)!

Our second flight of cheese and wine was the Low Down Dirty Reds Flight of wine with We heart Italy cheese flight
[Very tastey! The Buffalo Mozzerella was SO good!]

Overall, it was a great night at BIN 36, I'm glad we stumbled upon a fun place different from your everyday restaurant; and I can say with certainty that we will be returning for there for many future visits!
[Thank you for being so good to us BIN 36 staff!]

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