Sunday, August 15, 2010

...and Buffett makes 5!

I think that if I had a lot of money I would hire someone to come with me to activities and take pictures of me and whomever I am with. A personal photographer; but only to take the pictures I can't take myself. I hate asking people to take a picture for me...I feel like SUCH an inconvenience! But the person we asked to take our picture at the Buffett concert was one of the sweetest people who I have asked! Not only did he constantly tell is how great we looked, he also made sure to get some of the stage in it! I returned the favor and took a picture of he and his wife; as well as teach his wife how to send a picture message to someone....he then told us he had been waiting fifteen years to go to this concert; who knows why he had to wait that long but he was one VERY excited man! And the picture really did turn out great!!

[excited for the show to start!]

While we were waiting in our seats prior to the show beginning we heard the crowd start to go CRAZY! I'm talking screaming, clapping, stomping -- they were EXCITED. But it wasn't just for Buffett, there was another little surprise that we were able to see later on in the show....

[Patrick Kane and the Stanley Cup!]

I know most of these are blurred or dark, but I tried to snap as many as I could in hopes of getting at least one good one! The one above is my favorite, but the others below are fun as well. Kane got to shake his tambourine and sing along on stage with Jimmy. Must have been as great of a night as the one when he shot that important goal :)

[playing the tambourine]
[raising the cup and the entire stadium went NUTS]

[singing along with Jimmy]
[still can't believe I was that close to it!]

[Jimmy was SO excited to share this surprise guest with us!]

And here are a few other pictures for your enjoyment from the night....

[our view of the stage - we had great seats!]

[big top tour]

[the man of the night!]

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