Sunday, January 31, 2010

Best diet ever - but so not worth it.

Well it's been a while, and January has been one month full of sickness and oral surgery...this picture is compliments of one of my friends - I vaguely remember having it taken; what I do remember is thinking to myself "I gotta put my thumbs up so people know I'm doing good!" haha.

My mom came to town for the week of getting my wisdom teeth out and she was surprisingly awesome through the entire thing! She'd probably kill me for saying this, but yes, I was skeptical as to how it would go with her here - but seeing as I woke up from the surgery panic-stricken as to where my mom was I'd say I love her and was thankful she was here! The entire process wasn't that terrible - the worst part was the nausea from taking the pain killers since I couldn't/didn't want to eat anything.

After five days of not eating anything more than a few bites of ice cream I decided I needed to get off the couch and out of this apartment - I had MAJOR cabin fever!! So, I headed out for a gourmet meal of KFC. Let me tell you, after five days of no substantial food, pulled pork and mashed potatoes from KFC tasted better than a Martha Stewart thanksgiving!

It was still a rough week of eating and the week prior to getting my wisdom teeth out I had gotten the stomach flu - which meant another 2 days of no eating....and, well, you know those other things that come along with the flu! This weekend, I came to find that I have some form of viral strep throat that is not treatable with antibiotics (seeing as I'd been on penicillin anyways) yes, through January I have been a healthy able body for approximately one week -- what a way to spend the first month of the year (good thing the start of the year was enjoyable!)!!

Now, while being sick sucks, I did manage to drop a solid 10 pounds from the beginning of the month - which impressed my Wii fit, seeing as I hadn't used it since January sixth...haha.

Anyways, that pretty much brings you up to speed on what I've spent my month doing - not as exciting as I had planned, but I'm hoping February brings less illness as it seems I have some making up to do for spending so much time in bed!!
Happy February Eve, see ya next month!!


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El) said...

Well, at least there was the consolation of losing ten pounds. I was kind of waiting for you to write that you hadn't lost any!

You poor thing though, what a stinko month. I guess perspective helps, nothing was terminal and/or long lasting, it just stinks (or does it?) that everything came at once.

Erin Finney said...

It did stink, but you know what at least it can pretty much only go up from here!! Plus, I have 11 more months left in this year, so in the grand scheme of things 1/12 of the year being sick isn't that bad!! (let's just hope it ends here!)