Sunday, September 20, 2009

Generation Green ;)

I've always been a little bit of a tree hugger since I was a kid. I have always recycled (something my parents really encouraged and instilled in me) and I was even on the green team when I was in elementary school!

SO with this whole "going green" campaign I have been VERY excited! My good friend JR even won a competition for his song "Generation Green" (great song too!) and I have been so excited about it all!

More recently, my brother has started getting on board with it too, not in the same way that I have but definitely doing his part to help! When he and I were in Tennessee hiking on the mountains, we came across this:

someone had thrown all of their trash, including a half full paint can, down the side of the mountain. We both go so upset about this, but unfortunately, that was looking down the mountain and zooming in, so we couldn't get down there to clean it. It was just so sickening to see.

So anyways, this school year, my 'green goal' has been to pack my lunch in the most environmentally friendly way possible. So, I went out in search for a lunch box and came across a bag that was just perfect for me -

I love this bag. Everyday it comes with me, and it's perfect because I'm so on the go each day that not only has it helped me to save major amounts of money from not buying my lunch everyday, but it has also encouraged me to pack my lunch with the environment in mind! (plus, it reminds everyone that I am green AND gorgeous :])

One simple switch, really does make a difference.

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Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El) said...

Nicely done!

We're hoping to have a regular trash free lunch in our classroom. I have to change my ways a bit still. Granola bars and cheese sticks come in wrappers...might be time to buy a small thermos instead of those little applesauce containers--they are recycleable, but the lids aren't...

We'll keep learning. You teach me, I'll teach you...we'll teach...