Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Five.

A friend of mine blogged about her five blessings, and challenged me to do the after thinking about it for a few days are my five.

1. God.
Cheesy, you may think, or you may be thinking, "yeah, she had to put that one"; fact is I didn't, and that is why He is my blessing. Because I don't HAVE to do anything. But see, I wouldn't be here if it was for God, yes, I mean physically, but more so, I mean emotionally, I wouldn't be here, as strong as I was if it weren't for Him holding me up these past few very challenging years, and especially these last most challenging 9 months; and why He is my number one blessing.

2. My Daddy.
While I love both of my parents very much, and favor neither more than the other - loving them both in different ways, I have to say that my Dad is one of the biggest blessings in my life. As I grow older, I begin to appreciate him more and more. My dad is one of the smartest, hard working, determined people I know. He has taught me what I know about work - ethic, relationships, and constantly reminds me to act as the person I want to be known for - something that sticks with me in everything that I do.

While my dad isn't a Christ follower, and that is something I pray for daily, he has challenged me in my faith and helped me to grow, which I'm not sure is something he realizes he does; but is something that I appreciate. I could probably go on and on about how great he is for hours, from how talented he is with building and restoring things, to his gifts of networking, and impressive business skills, but I have 3 more blessings to go, so I will save that for a later day :)

3. My brother.
My brother and I couldn't be more polar opposite - everything he is, I'm not, and everything I am he isn't - well except for funny :)

But even though we are SO different, he is my best friend, and that will never change. He is always there to listen to me vent about anything (even if he doesn't REALLY care, he'll listen) and he always lets me hang out with his friends....but that may be due to the fact that I constantly was cooking and baking for those boys. I love all of his friends, they all have such crazy personalities and are constantly making me feel great about myself. As I get to know other people with brothers, or even his friends who have little sisters, I learn to truly appreciate our relationship as I see how many siblings don't have a strong relationship.

4.Katrina, Tony, My Little Bean & the boys.
Nicole has taught me so much about life, from my relationship with God, to leading by example, to simple things like love, compassion, patience, discipline. I love this little girl with everything in me, she is my little sister, I am so blessed to know her, and to have her. Her brothers are constantly providing entertainment for us, and have been so fun to get to know as well. Katrina and Tony have been nothing less than wonderful to me. They are like my second family, so much so that since my parents are moving to Texas in September, they have offered to let me live with them for my last year of College!

5.My Best Friends.

Okay, maybe this is cheating, because I'm not choosing one friend in particular, but they are all so important to me, and have brought me such different things in life that they all deserve to be mentioned. The friends which I have now are one of the greatest blessings which I have right now. They have pulled me through some of my hardest times, loving me through it all, and have also provided much laughter and entertainment...from car ride talks, salsa runs, and sleepovers to pushing me in my walk with God and encouraging me in big decisons, my friends mean the absolute world to me. I really don't know what I would do without them.


Ellen/Ellie/El said...

Okay, maybe this is dumb of me, but I've never thought of God as a blessing. I do now. So, thank you!

I'll pray for your daddy!

Love you,

Katrina said...

You are soo sweet! We are soo blessed to have you as part of our family! (Even if we have to share you with your real family LOL) thanks for all you do for my family I am soo blessed to have you as my friend.

Erin Finney said...

Haha, Katrina you are too funny, and I am happy to do it for you guys :)

Ellen- thanks for praying for my daddy :)

Alison said...

Hey I am going to do this! Good idea!

Erin Finney said...

thanks, but i really can't take the idea for my own :)

but it definitely did make me realize how blessed i am!!